It's been awhile seen I have blogged. Life got a little busy when my family kept growing. I now have three under 4 years. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world, even on days that I can't seem to catch a break.

When I first started my blog it was mainly to write about digital scrapbooking but I have moved on to other areas. I still love it but can't really do it like I had in the past. I have also learned to crochet and that has really taken over my life! Never thought it would.

I would like to keep my blog open but for all of my crafts. I think I might even learn something else who knows. Hope you stick around.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Burp Cloths

We have all been under the weather lately. First my son had a fever for 4-5 days and then my daughter had strep throat and now the four of are sick with a cold. Can't wait to shake these germs!! I have been hard at work making burp cloths for my MOPS group. This year I have taken Creative Activities with a partner on the Steering Team. And I am SO glad I did! She brought a lot of ideas to the table!!

Anyway this year we decided to make welcome gift bags for new arrivals (babies) ahead of time. And we decided to include burp clothes. After finishing them it makes me want to have another ahead of schedule!

I found this a while ago and have made a few but the curve part takes a bit!! So I modified it a bit! Instead I used a brown paper lunch bag and cut the bottom out and cut down one side and it was perfect!! I also added ribbon tags around a few. I wish I had taken pictures of it while I was working on them but all I have are pictures of the finished product. But the link above has all the info you need, you can use a brown bag for the pattern or the one provided for you in the link above. Also I used a soft material (flannel I believe) for the backing rather than the cloth diaper. I made a few with the cloth diaper but did not like the look at all.

This one is plain with no added stuff and still beautiful!

This one I made with ribbon loops. I cut the ribbon to 4 inches folded it in half and sewed it with the right side up on the fabric. and then sewed the backing fabric with right sides together, leaving a hole to turn it inside out. Ironed it and top stitched it.

Sorry couldn't get the picture to work with me. This one I followed the directions to add the pacifier holder. Included in the instructions.

You have to register to get the instructions but it's free. And there are so many free projects. And great ones for sell too! I promise next time to take pictures during the making processes of my next project!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ok it has been way too long since my last post! Mainly because I have not had the time to blog. My beautiful baby boy turned one yesterday! And it has been an amazing ride. He is a delight but a major handful. My hubby likes to refer to him as payback. But who exactly is being paid back. I was told that I was the angel so I have to guess that it's him that was the terror and my MIL has confirmed it but I am the one who spends more time with him so like I said who exactly is being paid back?? I have also potty trained my daughter. That was fun! And because I have two little ones I haven't had much time for much else. I really miss DS. And my poor baby doesn't have any pages done for him. Am I a terrible mommy?? Am I playing favorites?? No but these thoughts do run through my mind! I am sure most mothers can relate to the guilt.

I've always been a pretty crafty person. I have been making bows for my beautiful little girl who now will not leave the house without her bows! And have gotten into other things as well. Which I will share later! But as for now I must go and get those things ready (before my angels wake up) so I post them soon!