It's been awhile seen I have blogged. Life got a little busy when my family kept growing. I now have three under 4 years. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world, even on days that I can't seem to catch a break.

When I first started my blog it was mainly to write about digital scrapbooking but I have moved on to other areas. I still love it but can't really do it like I had in the past. I have also learned to crochet and that has really taken over my life! Never thought it would.

I would like to keep my blog open but for all of my crafts. I think I might even learn something else who knows. Hope you stick around.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journal Strip Freebie

Bannerwomen has some new styles out in her store! Look at these great styles. I love them. I made a freebie for you using the paper style, the paper set #2! Hope you like them!!
You can get her styles here!

Here is the freebie!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Featured Designer--Willro&co Designs and Freebie

This weeks Featured Designer is Rowena Field. Her Interview is below. She has a few goodies for us. Don't forget the challenge!!

How long have you've been digi scrapping?

A couple of years now....I've just taught myself along the way. Thank you Google LOL.

Did you paper scrap before?
Yep - I paper scrapped for a couple of years first then went hybrid. I still occasionally paper
scrap for some of the Aussie mags - but mostly digital.

What program(s) do you use?
CS3, occasionally artrage

What made you decide to design and how long have you been designing?
Ignorance (before I discovered Google!). I'd be in the middle of a LO and want a certain
kind of embellishment - I didn't realize that there was so much
digi scrap stuff out there and just set about trying to make it for myself. I only started
selling digi designs at the start of 2008 - but I'd been fiddling stuff for myself for a year
or two before hand. I got to the point of thinking - If I've put this much effort in to make
something, I might as well sell it as well!

Where do you pull inspiration from?
Seriously? (and this is a secret!) Kids clothing or Manchester catalogs LOL. We have a couple
of really nice shops in Oz that put great color combination together for kids clothes and I'll
often use the colors they have used. My mother is an artist so she will often sketch stuff for me
too. Creativity is a wonderful God given gift! I see ideas in the most bizarre places.

What is your favorite kit you made so far?
I am happy with my latest kits from a quality perspective. I look back at my early ones and realize
that I have learned a lot since then and can get better textures and realism now. I'm not sure what my
favorite one is....

Do you have a favorite designer?
I love the way Ali E puts things together from a design perspective, although she probably isn't
recognized as a 'digital' designer.

What is one thing you've learned that has been a life saver?
That photoshop has preferences LOL....did you know you can set your layers palette so that the icon
thumbnail is bigger and the element that is on that layer fills the whole thumbnail?? Gone are the
days of a layer that looks like it has nothing in it coz you cant see that tiny little brad LOL
(click the triangle in the corner of the layers palette and choose palette options>layer bounds
and click a bigger icon if you dont know what I am talking about *wink*)

Where do you sell your stuff?
In Australia - at www.bluebazaar.com.au
In the US - at www.acherryontop.com
( I was at Scrapdish and Nuts4digi but I had to get realistic about my time committments!)

Do you blog?
Yep, but it is awfully neglected. It has a mix of family and scrapping stuff on it.

She made this LO using her grunge frames plus the freebie paper she has for us! download

She used one of the freebie QPs download

Used Bright and Funky kit

Used Grunge Frame Extras

Used Overlay Pack 2 and Daisy Days Kit

Used Dandelions Dragonflies and Doodles Kit

Used Dandelions Dragonflies and Doodles Kit

Used Sorbet Dream

She used her Couture Kit for this one.

Used Kidpicks Kit

And another goody!

You can find all her kits in her store. So make sure you check them out!
In Australia - at www.bluebazaar.com.au
In the US - at www.acherryontop.com

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Featured Designer--Erin Keith and Challenge Freebie

This week our featured Designer is Erin Keith. Read this for more details on our Featured Designer of the Week.

How long have you been digi scrapping?
I made my first digital layout in December of '02, but it wasn't quite like it is now. No digital paper or elements. It was very graphic, almost like a magazine page, and I went back to paper scrapping. I tried digital again in September of '05, when I discovered there were "real" supplies out there. I did both paper and digi for a while, and have been almost exclusively digital for about two years now.

Did you paper scrap before?
I did.. I started that right around the beginning of 2000 (pre-kids!) and still do now and then.

What program(s) do you use?
I have Photoshop Elements 2 and PaintShop Pro 7. Yes, both old programs, but it's what I'm comfortable in so I haven't felt a need to upgrade. It's amazing what even the "old" stuff can do.

What made you decide to design and how long have you been designing?
I'd find myself just making my own things to go with a particular picture because I couldn't find what I wanted. Eventually I started thinking that if I was making the stuff anyway, maybe I could try dabbling in designing for more than just myself.

Where do you pull inspiration from?
I try to pull from everywhere. If I see an ad I love, I'll sketch it out to let it inspire a template. If I come across a fabulous color combo in an outfit while shopping, I'll use it to make a swatch. My own family & experiences inspire me quite a bit as well.. as a mom of boys, boy kits are always my favorite to create.

What is your favorite kit you made so far?
My favorite is probably my "I Dream in 8-Bit" kit. ( http://www.elementalscraps.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=19350&cat=0&page=1 ) My hubby's definitely a gaming fan, and it already looks like my 5-year-old is shaping up to follow in Daddy's footsteps. I made this kit in honor of them.. and, if I'm being honest, for myself. The old games are just so much nostalgic fun. I couldn't resist.

Do you have a favorite designer?
There are so many that I just love, and I'm sure just as many that I have yet to discover that I love. It's too hard for me to pick just one as I can never seem to scrap just one "style".

What is one thing you've learned that has been a life saver?
Don't sweat the small stuff. I know it's cliche, but I'd be one very sweaty lady if I let all the small stuff get to me. *hehe*

Where do you sell your stuff?
I'm exclusive to Elemental Scraps right now. You can see my store here. http://www.elementalscraps.com/shoppe/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=113

Do you blog?
I do. http://snazandjazz.blogspot.com Mostly my blogging is about my wild monkey boys (and a lot of photos) but every now and then I manage to make it about me. ;) There's a bit of scrapping, a bit of knitting, a bit of craftiness, and a whole lot of crazy.

She has some wonderful thing in her shop so make sure you check it out! She's having a sale this week too!! So now is a great time to shop!!

And here is the lovely gift we will be playing with this week. Please play!! This week we will be playing for a $5 coupon! Winner will be announced Saturday so you have until Friday 10 pm Central time to submit your LO. Upload it to your favorite gallery and come back here and link us up to it in the comments!! Preview is clickable.

You have your choice of using the template or the QP. Here's mine!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Featured Designer---Froggy Pond Designs and a Freebie

Please help me welcome my first Featured Designer!! And if you missed it make sure you read this post for all the info!

Marsha of Froggy Pond Designs

Some fun info about her....

How long have you've been digi scrapping?
I discovered digital scrapbooking just before my granddaughter, Michaela, was born. That was almost 5 years ago.

Did you paper scrap before?
Barely ... lol. I really hated to cut up my photos.

What program(s) do you use?
I use PCS2 and PSE5. I have PCS4 on my Christmas Wish List!

What made you decide to design and how long have you been designing?
I wanted to have more papers and elements that were personal
for my families photos. I started to make my own designs a couple of years ago.

Where do you pull inspiration from?
I love the color palettes in my granddaughters clothes. Also, am
inspired by my garden and all of nature. I tend to use warm, earthy colors, and muted pastels in my kits.

What is your favorite kit you made so far?
I am very fond of my kit, TOMORROW'S HOPE. It is a huge MEGA KIT which was inspired by my mom. She suffers from Alzheimers Disease, and I have learned there is always something positive to be found in this life if we just "dig" deeply enough.

Do you have a favorite designer?
There are so many that I admire, it is difficult to name just one. I prefer those whose designs are vintage, grungy, and have a uniqueness.

What is one thing you've learned that has been a life saver?
I have been most fortunate to have been "mentored" in cleaning up those jaggies and stray pixels. I think it is one of the hardest things to master.

Where do you sell your stuff?
I sell at The Scrapping Garden, Moo Two Designs, and at Digital Designers Den.

Do you blog?
Unfortunately, try as I may, I am not good at keeping my blog updated. Seems that is often last on my list of "things to do today". Life is just so busy! But, take a leap over to http://www.designsbyfroggypond.blogspot.com, and see what you think.

Her feature kit this week is Spellbound.

It will be on sale in her stores at TheScrappingGarden, MooTwoDesigns, and DigitalDesignersDen from 11/3 - 11/7. (The links to her stores are above)

And now for the freebie, it is a small piece of the kit! It will have a spell over you!

Here's my LO I created using it. My sweet DD in her costume.


Don't forget about the challenge for a chance to win a special prize! All you have to do is create a LO with the gift, upload it to your favorite gallery and link it up here in the comments. You will have until Friday night 10pm central time to get it done and link it up. The winner will be announced Saturday. So make sure you come back! The gift preview is clickable, so scroll back up to it and D/L it or get it here. I can't wait to see your LOs!!

Halloween Fun

LO was created using Digital Candy Wicked Mega Kit

1st Halloween

LO was created using Digital Candy Wicked Mega Kit

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lo was created using Mid Morning by Brenda Smith and Danielle Corbitt

Color Our World

LO was created using Mid Morning by Brenda Smith and Danielle Corbitt


LO was created using Dance the Flamingo by Kristmess

Treasured Moments

LO was created using Aurora Florialis by Melissa Daniel

Word Of God

Lo was created using Dandelions dragonflies and doodles by Rowena Field

Featured Designer and Challege Info

I've decided to feature some designers here at my blog. There are so many wonderful designers out there but we know so little about them and where they pull inspiration from. So each week you will see a new designer featured right here. Along with there little bio there will also be a challenge!

The featured designer of the week will have a small freebie for us to play with. All you have to do, is use it to create a LO and link it back here in the comment section(doesn't matter what gallery). At the end of the week I will randomly pick a winner and they will receive a special gift. But the gift won't be reviled until the winner is chosen!! LOL. So make sure you get you LOs in!! Winners will be chosen Friday night after 10pm central time.

If you are a designer and would like to be featured here in the future please email (you can find the link under my profile) me your designer name, name, and stores you sell at.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sitting Pretty

LO was created using Brenda Smith Designs Fall Forever Kit

Free Alpha!

Grab it here!!

I used this cool action to create the alpha. It made it so easy to do!! You can get it Here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Carnival

Welcome to the October 15, 2008 edition of digital scrapbooking.

Hummie presents Creating a Quick Page From a Layout in PSE posted at Misty Cato Designs.

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Valerie Fowler presents Tutorial Tuesday... Shadow Text posted at Heather Roselli Designs.


Pat B. Doyle presents 23 Great Ideas For Blog Posts posted at Pat B. Doyle, saying, "Have you run out of ideas for your digital scrapbooking blog? These ideas might inspire you!"

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Kayla Lamoreaux presents The Legacy Lady: **Tutorial -Torn Paper Photo Frames ** posted at The Legacy Lady, saying, "Torn paper frame tutorial for Photoshop...."

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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of digital scrapbooking using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween photo template freebie

Get it here. Please don't share send your friends here! All comments are welcomed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Protectors LO and a Freebie

Lo was created using Brenda Smith Blossoms and Butterflies

And as promised here is another photo template for all you Halloween photos!

Aint I Cute?

LO created using Veronica Spriggs Aaah Summertime Kit

Be sure to come back tomorrow. Here is a preview of the next Freebie.

Getting Ready Baptism

LO created using Veronica Spriggs Aaah Summertime Kit

Freebie and CT LO

LO was created using Brenda Smith Forever Fall


Just in case you guys missed it at SAS here is the link for the Heros kit. I'd love to see LOs made with any of my designs.

Growing Up

LO was created using Sara Ellis Penelope


October 8 2008

LO was created using Sara Ellis Penelope


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baptism and a Halloween Freebie

LO was created using Blossoms and Butterflies By Brenda Smith and Template

This was inspired by a magazine ad and I thought I'd share it. It's a photo template for all those Halloween photos! I have others in the works so make sure you come back for those! Please don't share the links send them here for it. Here you go!



LO created using Jodie Lang (MerCas Designs) Frog Princess

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I still need your votes! Here are all the entries for the contest. Lots of free kits! And here's my entry! Once you have all your goodies downloaded you can go here to vote!!!! I would really LOVE it if you voted for me!!! Pretty PLEASE!

I have another freebie. This time it's a photo mask. And I've included a sample for you. Please tell me what you think. I love them! I've been after an effect like this and finally manged to create one. There are three; a star, circle and a square one. I'd love to see what you are doing with them! Here's the link!

And don't forget to leave me a comment and no hotlinking. Send your friends here to get their own.